Visit of the Wertheim Höhefeld Fanfarenzug, July 5-7 2019

The “Wertheim Höhefeld Fanfarenzug”, a fantastic marching band from our twin town of Wertheim, visited Godmanchester and Huntingdon over the weekend of July 5 – 7 2019. They. The group consisted of around 48 people, all of whom were hosted by local members of HGTA. During their brief visit the band performed in Huntingdon town centre on Saturday morning, and also joined the parade and gave two further performances at the Godmanchester gala in the afternoon.

Godmanchester gala

Together with their host families they also enjoyed a splendid evening buffet  on Friday evening at Huntingdon Town Hall, where we were all greatly entertained by a Ukulele Band, and a delicious curry supper at Spiceland on Saturday. On their return journey they visited Leeds Castle.

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