Report of Business Meeting in Gubbio

Business meeting Gubbio 26/09/19

I talked about the legacy of the Bridge Arts Festival and some ideas for the future. Although the idea of yarn bombing, and knitting in general, was met with some bemusement, both Gubbio & Szentendre were enthusiastic about exploring the possibility of an arts and crafts festival in one of the towns to include knitting from Huntingdon/Godmanchester, embroidery from Gubbio and patchwork quilting and blue print fabrics from Szentendre. Wertheim mentioned glass blowing as a traditional craft in the town but it was felt that this would be better incorporated with an exhibition including, for example, ceramics, which are of course an important part of life in Gubbio.

Szentendre was full of ideas concerning joint arts events. They mentioned the monthly exhibitions they hold in the Townhall Gallery and said they would be happy to invite artists from all the twin towns. They hold art courses and workshops for children & adults & they liked the idea of people from the twin towns participating. In September 2020 it will be the tenth anniversary of their military brass band festival and they wondered if other towns could also take part.

Gubbio had several ideas for arts events for next year. In December they plan to hold a festival called “Your Town in Dance” where groups from all the towns will be invited to explore the different aspects of their town such as nature, customs, architecture, artworks, literature & music in the form of dance. There will also be a jazz festival in Gubbio in August 2020 and they would like to invite Malcolm Talbot with his “Story of Swing” to take part. If there are jazz groups in the other twin towns they will also be welcome to attend.

The idea of having a Biennial Arts festival in each twin town on a rotating basis was not really taken up but the idea of smaller events involving all the towns was greeted with enthusiasm.


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