SOcial COnnections (SoCo) with Wertheim

There have now been five SoCo meetings, organised by Gesine deVere and the Wertheim sub-committee. These are social events for twinners who have a particular interest in our German twin town of Wertheim. The first three meetings were hosted by Gesine in her lovely garden (and accompanied by her even lovelier cakes and scones!). SoCo 4 was at Frosts Garden Centre, and SoCo 5 saw us in the Queen Elizabeth School in Godmanchester, where Dick Taplin gave a very interesting illustrated talk about the Harz Mountains. You can see more details about each of the events on the relevant ‘Events’ pages, but here is a quick recap of what we have been up to since the summer.

SoCo 1 July 7th 

SoCo 2 August 4th 

SoCo 3 September 1st 

SoCo 4 October 6th 

SoCo 5 November 3rd    

The next SoCo event will be on Wednesday December 1st at 1.30pm at the Grand Piano café in Godmanchester. Please contact Gesine deVere if you would like to attend.

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