Two beautiful French films! 19th January and 30th March 2023

HGTA members enjoyed two afternoons of French culture with the showing of La Gloire de mon Père, and Le Château de ma Mère, accompanied by tea and coffee and ‘real’ French biscuits!

Set in Provence at the turn of the 20th Century, La Gloire de mon Père is a charming film, loosely based on the early life of the author Marcel Pagnol. It tells the story of a young child’s idyllic summer, and the developing friendship between two brothers-in-law in their quest for the provençal sportsman’s ultimate prize – the elusive ‘bartavelle’. Le Château de ma Mère takes up the story a year or so later, and sees young Marcel and his siblings through to adulthood – and an inevitable degree of tragedy along the way.

Gentle, at times amusing, at times poignant, and filmed in the glorious, wild landscape of the mountains of Provence, these films are modern classics of French cinema.

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